Pet Boarding FAQs

Many people are trying to squeeze in a couple of last trips as the summer is coming to an end. While some people can take their pets with them, others must leave them. Finding a trustworthy boarding service is a way to may this process easier. At Hardin Animal Hospital in Stockton, CA, we provide boarding services and will keep your pet healthy and happy while you are away. Boarding your pet with us will give you peace of mind. Here are some commonly asked questions about pet boarding.


What are the benefits of boarding with a veterinarian?

While you can always bring your dog to a kennel, boarding it with our veterinarian is often safer. With regular boarding facilities, the staff would have to contact a veterinarian if issues arise, instead of having the luxury of someone being onsite already. When you keep your pet with us, we have a veterinary team on hand that is always ready to help. Whether your pet becomes sick or needs regular medication, we know how to care for your animal and will ensure that it stays healthy. Our veterinarian is trained to notice signs of illness in animals and will monitor your pet.

What does boarding include?

When you bring your pet to our facility, we will ensure that all its needs are met while you are away. We provide designated areas for dogs and cats with comfortable beds. Dogs will get several walks a day and have playtime. If your pet is social, it can meet and play with other animals. In addition to socialization and love, your animal will be fed and given any medications it needs. We can also provide veterinary services while your pet is with us to save an extra trip. We offer dental care, wellness checks, microchipping, grooming, and more.

Should I bring anything for my pet to the facility?

When preparing to board your pet with us, it is important to think about its daily routine. For example, if your pet needs special food or medications, or sleeps with a specific blanket, you may want to bring it. You can bring your pet’s food, or we can feed it ourselves. If your animal has a comfort toy, you can bring it. Speak with our team before to ensure you can bring specific items.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Stockton, CA for Pet Boarding

Leaving your pet behind can be difficult. However, when you find someone you trust, the process is a lot easier. At Hardin Animal Hospital in Stockton, CA, we provide pet boarding and will treat your pet like our own while you are away. Our veterinarian will ensure that your pet is healthy and meet all of its needs. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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